Japanese Nintendo Fan Boys


Famous Japanese Manga artist and Game collector


Famous Japanese Manga artist【Pyocotan】and Game collector 【Fujita】have opened a YouTube channel.

The two are game fans and are familiar with the game.

Born in 1977,they have been watching the flow of the Japanese game industry.

This time,they will distribute the video to English-speaking people.


Game comedian 〈Fujita〉


He is doing comedy with games.

So far,he has spent more than $300,000 on games and owns more than 20,000 games.

He was brought up in a game.Because he mother died suddenly and he father didn’t go to another woman and come back.

And devoted his life to the game.

It is now one of the best retro game collectors in the world.


And his friend “Pyocotan”,a manga artist and youtuber, recommended YouTube and started doing it.



Contents holder〈Pyocotan〉


He is a manga artist,YouTuber and streamer.

He a Nintendo fan who publishes a manga called Nintendo Believers.

It used to be number one in the Mario Maker world ranking.


He owns several game-related stocks and broadcasts the general meeting Of shareholders live.



At the general meeting of shareholder of hobonichi,Shigesato Itoi,who was the “MOTHER” game desiger,rushed into the live stream.



He also a poker player,but I’ve never seen him win.



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